Fold Up Camp Table

fold up camp table

    fold up
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fold up camp table - ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering Fold Up Table Combo

ALPS Mountaineering Fold Up Table Combo

Tired of eating meals on your lap? Take one of these tables along and skip the plate balancing act with your knees. It has a powder coated aluminum roll top and frame. It collapses quickly and easily into its two benches which are included for convenient transport. Great for family camping or tailgating.

With the Fold Up Table Combo, you not only get a table with adjustable heights, but you also get two benches that all fold up and fit into a carrying case. The carrying case unzips into two halves that fit perfectly on the benches for slight padding. The benches are independent so you can sit as close or as far away from the table as you want. The table adjusts to four different heights to accommodate your size. You don't have to worry about your legs hitting side supports, so you can slide right up next to the table. When it's time to take the table and benches down, the legs simply fold in and the entire unit fits nicely into the carrying case. Now your table and benches are compact for easy storage and transport.

The Fold Up Table Combo comes with a convenient carry case for storage and transport.
Table Dimensions: 35.5 by 20.5 by 27 inches
Bench Dimensions: 37 by 11 by 16 inches
Folded Dimensions: 11 by 37 by 4.25 inches (W x L x H)
Weight: 23 pounds
Folds up compactly for storage and transport
Great for tailgating, camping, and backyard use

83% (15)

20050626 5865...A disaster of casual camping

20050626 5865...A disaster of casual camping

I'm sitting at my car-camping site at the north end of the Silver Island Mountains, northeast of Wendover, Utah. The only road here---the Silver Island Mountains Backcountry Byway---is about 50 feet (15m) in front of me. The wild setting was annoying.

The first thing that bothered me was the absence of an entrance station where I could pay a fee to spend the night. This robbed me of the joy of handing my money to a booth attendant (and getting a brochure about the area's wonders) or stuffing the cash into a self-pay envelope and dropping it into a cute metal tube. I had no sense of being cared about.

To make matters worse, there were no roads winding through the grounds, so I was denied the pleasure of slowly cruising through the area, examining the possible campsites and picking one out. That search invariably produces an interesting but slightly scary anticipation about my ability to find a suitable space to camp. Today there was none of that.

Forcing to adapt to these shortcomings, I found a suitable spot not far from the road. It was a gravelly patch of land large enough for my car and a dining room set-up. But parking the car was a chore because it was entirely "free-form"---no curbs, painted lines, or stretch of asphalt to show me where to position my motor vehicle. I crave the structure of such indicators. Not having any guidance for parking the car made me quite agitated---I almost lost my cool.

OK, so I'm parked. First things first. Nature called, so I looked for signs directing me to the restroom building or outhouse (the former is preferred; the latter tolerated). There were no signs. With no signs and no campground brochure, I had no idea where to go to "go." There are limits to roughing it. After wandering around as long as I could bear, finding nothing informative, I "went native" behind a large rock outcropping (please don't tell anyone).

The lack of restrooms meant I could forget about taking a nice warm shower to rid my body of the dirt that had built up from my day of driving. You can imagine how sweaty I got from hours of highway cruising without power steering! It feels awful to have road dust sticking to sweaty skin.

Hunger pangs suddenly became evident, so I abandoned my whining about a lack of showers and set about preparing dinner. This led to the realization that my campsite lacked a picnic table! Where the heck was I supposed to sit and eat? By sheer co-incidence, I had with me a folding chair and some tote boxes. With this equipment I was able to imitate a picnic table, but it was an awkward arrangement and certainly did not feel authentic. I almost spilled my dinner in my lap. I think some ants crawled up a tote box and got into the food.

After dinner in camp I like to sit back and observe what's going on around me. It's a way to unwind from a hectic day of exploring in strange lands. The natural world and the social world are my avenues to relaxation. But there was no sign of wildlife---not a rustle, a chirp, a rattle, or a moo. Not even a dog's barking! In addition, no other campers were present, so I was forced to sit there without the reassuring sounds of clanging pots, shouts of joy or anger, revving of engines, and the stimulating babbling of tourists. The only sounds were that of the breeze caressing the grass and occasional thunder from a distant storm. The only thing that moved was the grass and the clouds. Otherwise it was dead---and a complete bore.

All this disappointment made me tired, so I got ready for bed. Setting up my bed inside the car went without a hitch and I got comfy in my sleeping bag. Finally, I thought, "Home sweet home." But I could not get to sleep. On most occasions I depend on the gentle, relaxing hum of a nearby power generator to lull me to sleep. Many times I have thanked RV occupants for providing this worthwhile service. This night, though, the hum was missing. A person should not have to suffer like that.

Somehow I managed to get to sleep in this godforsaken wilderness of "no service." The next day I had breakfast and got the heck out of there. It really is a let-down to have to camp in the middle of nowhere for free, all alone, with no other traffic whatsoever, and with near-total silence. The publishers of my campground guide will hear from me about this disaster of casual camping.

DSC 3485.JPG

DSC 3485.JPG

His little ventilation/screened windows/portholes simple and functional

also his little folding table/desk/shelf.

Friend of Quelab, Terry Holt's DIY insulated travel trailer home. He just finished it a few days ago, its his 2nd version, his first one survived a season of camping up in Canada. including some very cold temperatures! It's quite an amazing little structure.

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fold up camp table

fold up camp table


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