Oval Kitchen Table Set - Round Sofa Tables - Dining Room Table Pads.

Oval Kitchen Table Set

oval kitchen table set

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ameliac123 7270990-hgtv

ameliac123 7270990-hgtv

The picture on the left is how you have area arranged now. The one on the right is a suggested arrangement since you said you wanted to remove the red sofa. (Also-I realized later that I had the wall next to the FP too long, so adjusted for the room on the right.)

The beautiful unique purple sofa you want to keep should fit on the wall where your sofa was. The one I have in the picture I made extra wide and deep to accommodate the curve of the arms and back. Moving it there does cover half the french doors but it looks like the only one that opens is on the left near the FP.

Having the arrangement this way would allow you to eventually add a chair which would define the space a little more by visually dividing the room from the long narrow design. You could also add an oval coffee table or may be able to keep the one you have now that it is positioned further away from the french door and won't feel so much like it is in the way.

This should give you enough room to take the TV off the mantel and get a low height TV stand and put it on the wall left of the Fire Place. I'm wondering if you could re-purpose the coffee table you have for a TV stand for now.

Try angling your table and chairs rather than squaring it up with the rectangular room. This will visually not make the open floor plan feel so boxy.

Spray paint the legs of the table and all the chairs black to unify the set. Other than the non matching chair, painting the white to black will "anchor" this table and blend better with your counters in the kitchen and the dark sofa.

Small Oval Honey Serving Dish

Small Oval Honey Serving Dish

When I serve a special meal, I want it to be memorable.

The food has to be just right, every ingredient fresh, and a striking dish to set down on the table.

That's why I've started creating this series of gorgeous oval dishes, to give every little item served a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Thrown on a potter's wheel with white porcelain clay and then altered, this beautiful bowl is decorated in a glossy golden Tenmoku glaze.

On the inside, the glaze shows off where my fingers left imprints as I pressed out against my hand-carved pattern stamps.

With an interior 5 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide, it's a perfect size for a side dish, veggie or dip.

oval kitchen table set

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